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To Do List

  • Update all Markings on each breed with appropriate large artwork.
  • Waja Profile needs updated as well to reflect new changes to mutation handlebar system.
  • Update the Custom Demo page to new format : include a link to the HEX codes page, information about the color selection box, and moving markings.
  • Relocate and list all Non-shop Dyes as Out of Shop dyes for easier understanding and to match a frequently used terminology.
  • Shop Search and Inventory need updated with proper a proper walkthrough with the new filtering system.
  • The following items need to be on black wajas (with Black Wallpapers as needed):


  • Reorganize, combine, and elaborate on many of the basic help articles, and seeing what from said articles need added to the Newbie Mega Guide and the Getting Started page.
  • Update HTML page with Lammy's article on Wajas.
  • Update items to new large image format.. Possibly creating a "needs redrawn for quality" or something similar category to help report older items that need possible redraws by artists.
  • Do you have a suggestion for this list? Send a PM to Tailz or Schwarzwald on Wajas.

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