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Wayfinder is a Marking that is on the rump of the waja. This marking can be applied by using a Dye Wayfinder.

Marking Appearance

All examples feature wajas with the marking in FF0000 (pure red). However, this marking can come in any Hex Color as well as any Texture.

WayfinderAerial.png WayfinderAfrican.png WayfinderArctic.png WayfinderBane.png WayfinderCorsie.png WayfinderDivine.png WayfinderEarth.png WayfinderEgyptian.png WayfinderFire.png WayfinderForest.png WayfinderImp.png WayfinderNormal.png WayfinderPlushie.png WayfinderSpitz.png WayfinderTempest.png WayfinderWater.png