Weevil Shade

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Weevil Shade is a Marking that adds shading details and definition in the areas of the Weevil marking. You can add this marking to your waja by using a Dye Weevil Shade.

Marking Appearance

All examples feature wajas with the marking in FF0000 (pure red). However, this marking can come in any Hex Color or Texture.

WeevilShadeAerial.png WeevilShadeAfrican.png WeevilShadeArctic.png WeevilShadeBane.png WeevilShadeCorsie.png WeevilShadeDivine.png WeevilShadeEarth.png WeevilShadeEgyptian.png WeevilShadeFire.png WeevilShadeForest.png WeevilShadeImp.png WeevilShadeNormal.png WeevilShadePlushie.png WeevilShadeSpitz.png WeevilShadeTempest.png WeevilShadeWater.png