Butterfly Wings

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Butterfly Wings are a type of Mutation that can be added to a waja either during custom creation or through use of Butterfly Wings DNA. Butterfly Wings can also be obtained randomly through Mutation Pears. When creating a custom with Butterfly Wings, or adding them to an existing waja with a DNA, you may choose their color.

Mutation Appearance

All examples feature wajas with FF0000 (pure red) wings. However, this mutation can come in any Hex Color except rainbow or chrome.

ButterflyWingsAerial.png ButterflyWingsAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} ButterflyWingsBane.png {{{breedless}}} ButterflyWingsCorsie.png ButterflyWingsDivine.png ButterflyWingsEarth.png ButterflyWingsEgyptian.png ButterflyWingsFire.png ButterflyWingsForest.png ButterflyWingsImp.png ButterflyWingsNormal.png ButterflyWingsPlushie.png ButterflyWingsSpitz.png ButterflyWingsTempest.png ButterflyWingsWater.png

Old Butterfly Wings

As you can see below, originally and for several years, the Butterfly Wings of many of the older breeds were extremely similar. In 2014, beginning with the African, the wings of these older breeds were redrawn to be more individual to each breed.