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Bird Wings is one of the most popular mutations.

Mutations are alterations to a waja's body, such as wings, horns, gills, and much more. There are several different mutations on Wajas divided into three different categories - Potion mutations, Custom mutations, and DNA mutations. There is no way to change the colour of a mutation if the mutation has been inherited from parents, and only accidents with selecting colours when creating a custom can be fixed (the custom must be fixed before being bred, otherwise any existing pups must be sent to the OWF before the colours on the parent are fixed).

A standard list of all mutations can be found on the page Category:Mutations.

Custom Mutations

Custom mutations are mutations which are available when you create a custom Waja with a Token. Some of the mutations are available as both a DNA and a custom mutation, please view the Special Cases section below. You can also achieve a few of the custom mutations through a Mutation Pear, which adds a random mutation from a pool of mutations. This is risky, however, as it can add ANY of the available custom mutations.

Custom mutations are as follows:

In order to see examples of what custom mutations look like on various breeds and in various colors, you can use the Custom Demo.

Potion Mutations

Example of the Shoulder Eyes mutation on theAfrican.

Potion mutations are mutations which can be applied at any time to any waja you own using the appropriate potion created by the Mad Scientist. This feature has been removed and yet to be readded after Nicola the Genius's takeover. However, as of November 25, 2017, potions may be found while Mining in the Murky Forest. Once added, the mutation is permanent, cannot be removed, and is inherited the same way that Custom Mutations are.

Potion mutations are as follows:

In order to see other examples of what potion mutations look like on various breeds, you can use the Custom Demo.

DNA ONLY Mutations

This section covers Mutations that are ONLY available as a DNA and cannot be used in the Custom Creator tool. Most of the DNAs are either released via the CWP Shop on occasional releases or the Leaf Exchange, and a few are Raccoon King Shop exclusives.

Custom Creation & DNA Mutations

The following mutations are available via both the Custom Creator and has a DNA available:

Mutated Breeding Mutations

These mutations are available through higher generation breedings. They have a small chance to appear on a generation 4 or higher pup, and the ability for these mutations to appear is influenced by the MU stat. Even if both parents have 100% maxed MU, the probability for the mutations to mutate onto a pup is very rare.

Mutations marked with a * are exclusive to breeding only and are not available through other means.

Deer Nose*

Ear Tufts*

Long Cheek Fluff*

Seraph Wings


Upswept Cheek Fluff*

Interested in seeing mutated markings? See: Markings

Exclusive Mutations

These are mutations that are not available through custom creation, DNAs, or mutated breeding, however the mutations are available through special means such as site hosted breeding projects or site raffles.

How Mutations are Inherited

Strange Pears are used to increase a Waja's MU.

Mutations are inherited according to this chart (does not factor in MU):

SHOW x SHOW: 100% of pups SHOW the mutation

SHOW x CARRY: 50% of pups SHOW, 50% CARRY

SHOW x NO = 50% CARRY, 50% SHOW

CARRY x CARRY: 50% CARRY, 25% SHOW, 25% NO

CARRY x NO: 50% CARRY, 50% NO

Mutation Gene, or MU percentage also affects how mutations are inherited. The exact formula isn't well understood, and it is frequently debated about whether it actually works in a predictable way at all. It is thought that higher MU results in higher chances of a mutation in the parent showing or carrying in pups. It is also widely believed that you must raise the MU of both parents (even if the other parent doesn't show or carry any mutations) in order to get the best chance of getting pups to show the mutation. Below is an approximate figure of MU as it effects a pair in which one parent has mutations visible and the other has none at all.

Show x None w/0MU = ~15% chance of visible mutation

Show x None w/100MU = ~50% chance of visible mutation

Mutation Pears

An Earth waja with all current available mutation pear mutations.

The Mutation Pear item gives a Waja a random mutation from a pool of Mutations when fed. All mutations obtained via mutation pear are the same color as the base color of the Waja the pear was fed to.

Multiple mutation pears can be used on a single waja, so some players choose to use mutation pears on a Waja until it has all the mutations. Once a waja has all the mutations that a mutation pear can give, mutation pears will no longer work on that waja. It should be noted that a mutation pear cannot turn a carried mutation into a visible mutation; it will only add mutations that the waja doesn't currently show or carry.


Example of a monster Waja that is also a Paintball.

"Monster" is a term used to describe a waja with a large number of mutations, usually due to liberal use of mutation pears and/or potions. Monsters can have any kind or amount of markings, but are frequently also paintballs to make them look more chaotic and monster-like.

Unreleased Mutations

Mutations that are known about but which are not yet available to add to wajas are:


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