Seraph Wings

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Seraph Wings is a Mutation that starts from the shoulder blade into large feathered wings. On Waters it is multiple fish fins starting from the shoulder blades and along the back. It is a Custom Mutation and can also be added through use of Seraph Wings DNA. It can also appear randomly during Breeding.

Mutation Appearance

All examples feature a white waja with FF0000 (pure red). However, the mutation can come in any Hex Color or Texture.

SeraphWingsAerial.png SeraphWingsAfrican.png SeraphWingsArctic.png SeraphWingsBane.png SeraphWingsCorsie.png SeraphWingsDivine.png SeraphWingsEarth.png SeraphWingsEgyptian.png SeraphWingsFire.png SeraphWingsForest.png SeraphWingsImp.png SeraphWingsNormal.png SeraphWingsPlushie.png SeraphWingsSpitz.png SeraphWingsTempest.png SeraphWingsWater.png