Floppy Ears

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Floppy Ears are a type of Custom Mutation. Floppy Ears cannot be obtained randomly through Mutation Pears, only through custom creation. When creating a custom with Floppy Ears you may choose their color.

Mutation Appearance

All examples feature wajas with FF0000 (pure red) ears. However, this mutation can come in any Hex Color except rainbow and chrome.

FloppyEarsAerial.png FloppyEarsAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} FloppyEarsBane.png {{{breedless}}} FloppyEarsCorsie.png FloppyEarsDivine.png FloppyEarsEarth.png FloppyEarsEgyptian.png FloppyEarsFire.png FloppyEarsForest.png FloppyEarsImp.png FloppyEarsNormal.png FloppyEarsPlushie.png FloppyEarsSpitz.png FloppyEarsTempest.png FloppyEarsWater.png