Easter 2014

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On April 20, 2014, the Egg Exchange event from Easter 2011 was activated again, but with some small differences. The eggs obtained in 2011 were named 2011 Easter Eggs, however these were renamed for the 2014 event, to simply Easter Eggs. Any 2011 Easter Eggs became Easter Eggs, and were once again usable in the Egg Exchange. As an item, eggs are able to be transferred, sold, and traded. Once acquired, eggs could be used in the Easter Egg Exchange to buy various items. Eggs could be obtained in one of four ways:

  • Turning in 3 of the same item would grant 1 egg.
  • Found by navigating the site when the page would redirect the user to a page with an egg on it, which they would have to click to putinto their Inventory. This was changed after users complained about the disruption to their gameplay, and the eggs began appearing at the top of random pages, and clicking to collect them would not redirect you.
  • Eggs could also be found randomly in the mining cave.
  • As an option when OWFing a waja, instead of the normal 10,000 WC.

The items in the Egg Exchange underwent a few price changes throughout the course of the event. Prices were initially very low, and were raised when Estuko realised their prices were making them very easy to obtain (largely due to the amount of unusable items most players had stored from the Mining Cave).

Original News Post


"In honor of Easter, we have added features to the site involving Easter Eggs. Play the Mining game, and you may find an egg. Or by navigating around the site, you may come across one. Eggs you collect will be reflected in your Inventory. Visit the World Egg Exchange to exchange your eggs for valuable items. If you want more Easter Eggs, you can exchange items in your Inventory for Easter Eggs. Just click an item and choose the Exchange for Eggs option. We hope you enjoy our Easter offering. - Dave"

Another news post was made a few hours later by Estuko: "Hey Everyone

We will continue the Easter Egg hunt for a few days. We'll give you a heads up when we're about to take it down.

I also plan on adding more items in the exchange. But not until next weekend as we are currently out of town for the holiday. But I have a few things I was working on that I would like to release via the exchange. So save up lots of eggs! :)

Happy Easter! Estuko"

On April 21 Estuko added the promised items to the Egg Exchange and made the following news post:

"Hey Everyone,

6 Mystery Eggs are in the Egg Exchange for 15 eggs each. They're all unsuable right now and I recycled one of our old egg images so some of you will recognize the image. Pay attention to the item name when buying. :P

Next weekend I will edit those eggs so that they are usable items. The items could turn into any type of item we have; wallpaper, foreground, pets, accessories, dye, etc. It's all going to be a surprise. :) So if you like surprises you may enjoy collecting these eggs.

Hope you all had a nice Easter! ~ Estuko"

Easter Egg Exchange

The Easter Egg Exchange or "Egg Exchange" was found under World and was the shop where users could trade in their eggs for various items. The following items were available: