Easter 2015

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On April 5, 2015, the Egg Exchange event from Easter 2014 was activated again. As an item, eggs are able to be transferred, sold, and traded. Once acquired, eggs could be used in the Easter Egg Exchange to buy various items. Eggs could be obtained in one of four ways:

  • Turning in 3 of the same item would grant 1 egg.
  • Found by navigating the site when the page would redirect the user to a page with an egg on it, which they would have to click to put into their Inventory. This was changed after users complained about the disruption to their gameplay, and the eggs began appearing at the top of random pages, and clicking to collect them would not redirect you.
  • Eggs could also be found randomly in the mining cave.
  • As an option when OWFing a waja, instead of the normal 10,000 WC (one egg per waja).

Easter Egg Exchange

The Easter Egg Exchange or "Egg Exchange" was not initially found on the site, but links were added during April 5. The following items were available: