Long Dragon Whiskers

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Long Dragon Whiskers is a type of Mutation that can be added to a waja either during custom creation or through use of Long Dragon Whiskers DNA. It is a face mutation that allows you to add long flowing whiskers to your waja.

Mutation Appearance

Long Dragon Whiskers can come in any Hex Color or Texture.

LongDragonWhiskersAerial.png LongDragonWhiskersAfrican.png LongDragonWhiskersArctic.png LongDragonWhiskersBane.png LongDragonWhiskersCorsie.png LongDragonWhiskersDivine.png LongDragonWhiskersEarth.png LongDragonWhiskersEgyptian.png LongDragonWhiskersFire.png LongDragonWhiskersForest.png LongDragonWhiskersImp.png LongDragonWhiskersNormal.png LongDragonWhiskersPlushie.png LongDragonWhiskersSpitz.png LongDragonWhiskersTempest.png LongDragonWhiskersWater.png