Smooth Dragon Belly

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Smooth Dragon Belly is a type of Mutation that can be added to a waja either during custom creation or through use of Smooth Dragon Belly DNA. It is a belly mutation that allows you to add a scaled belly to your waja.

Mutation Appearance

Smooth Dragon Belly can come in any Hex Color or Texture.

SmoothDragonBellyAerial.png SmoothDragonBellyAfrican.png SmoothDragonBellyArctic.png SmoothDragonBellyBane.png SmoothDragonBellyCorsie.png SmoothDragonBellyDivine.png SmoothDragonBellyEarth.png SmoothDragonBellyEgyptian.png SmoothDragonBellyFire.png SmoothDragonBellyForest.png SmoothDragonBellyImp.png SmoothDragonBellyNormal.png SmoothDragonBellyPlushie.png SmoothDragonBellySpitz.png SmoothDragonBellyTempest.png SmoothDragonBellyWater.png