Spring Rainfall

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"A refreshing spring rainfall!"
Item Type: Foreground
Item ID: 354
Release Date: May 2008
Release Method: Leaf Exchange, 20 Leaf Points
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Custom Demo Preview
Spring Rainfall equipped on a Breedless, showing the full image.

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Equipped Appearance

Shown with a Black Wallpaper for visibility.

SpringRainfallAerial.png SpringRainfallAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} SpringRainfallBane.png {{{breedless}}} SpringRainfallCorsie.png SpringRainfallDivine.png SpringRainfallEarth.png SpringRainfallEgyptian.png SpringRainfallFire.png SpringRainfallForest.png SpringRainfallImp.png SpringRainfallNormal.png SpringRainfallPlushie.png SpringRainfallSpitz.png SpringRainfallTempest.png SpringRainfallWater.png